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*  15 Top Loaders

Special:  $1.00 top-load from 6am-10am Monday-Friday.

* Good mix of modern Dexter washers and dryers that we keep clean and well-functioning.

7   x 20lb ΔΔ

14 x 30lb ΔΔΔ

7   x 40lb ΔΔΔΔ

6   x 60lb ΔΔΔΔΔΔ

2   x 80lb ΔΔΔΔΔΔΔΔ

Dryers: $0.25 for 10 minutes

36  x 30lb ΔΔΔ

2    x 60lb ΔΔΔΔΔΔ

* Well-stocked vending machines with snacks and laundry supply.

*  Four bill-exchangers.

* Plenty of folding stations and seating. Special kids area full of toys and a TV.

* Free Wifi and 4 big-screen TVs featuring: English, Spanish, Sports and a Kids TV. 

8725 Orangethorpe Ave Suite C, Buena Park, Ca 90621
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